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McStay's Taken Too Soon contains facts and evidence along with family information not seen on the TV programs or in newspaper and magazine articles. A whole family vanished on February 4, 2010 from their home in Fallbrook, CA. The San Diego Sheriff's Department led the public to believe that Joseph, Summer and their two little children had left of their own accord and moved to Mexico. Then the harrowing discovery of four bodies in the California desert nearly four years later shattered that illusion. 


There was close to $100,000.00 in Joseph and Summer's bank accounts, a house just bought and tens of thousands spent on remodeling. A growing and thriving home-based waterfall design business had email orders pouring in that indicate millions of dollars in the pipeline. All calls and emails went unanswered. No one who knew them thought they would choose to leave without telling anyone. Everyone said Joseph would never leave his first born son from a previous marriage behind. Joseph would not just "VOLUNTARILY" walk away from all of this like the San Diego Sheriff's Office claimed. 


This is the only true accounting of the McStay story written to date. Joseph's father sets the record straight about Joseph and his family. What were the marriage dynamics? What was he really like? What was Summer like? Were they close with their own families? Did they have enemies? This personal account contains firsthand knowledge from friends, family and various individuals who have appeared in the news stories throughout the past seven years. Including the emails and other correspondence that caused such anguish over seven years, you will see the bulk of the investigation that Patrick took on that didn't end when his son's body was found in November 2013. The reader will truly feel they have gotten to know Joseph and his family.


Now, after seven long years and still no trial, the reader may come to their own conclusions about the man Charles Merritt who was arrested and charged with this horrendous quadruple murder. Learn about the accused, his possible motives, and his feelings towards Joseph and Summer.





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